Our History

Phoenix Multifamily Group, LLC (“PMG”) is a multifamily redevelopment company that is one of a series of related companies that collectively form the Phoenix Redevelopment Group of Companies. PMG acquires, renovates, stabilizes, and ultimately resells value-added Class B and C multifamily properties from 2 units to 1,000 units and larger in select emerging markets in the US.

Since PMG’s founding, we have been systematically forging relationships with private capital partners and well-established institutional equity and debt sources to position PMG to smoothly and rapidly acquire multifamily properties in our markets of interest.

Through our proprietary Phoenix Equity Joint Venture Program™ (EJV™) and Phoenix Equity Partners Program™, (EPP™) Phoenix Multifamily Group, LLC has attracted the private and institutional capital partners needed to solidly execute on opportunities that fit our exacting multifamily acquisition profile.